On the 30 of October, I woke up early in the morning to attend the Global Marketing Day event. Yes, at 5 am the alarm rang, got up, took a coffee and sat in front of my laptop. But what is Global Marketing Day? It’s a 24-hour online event created by SEMrush proposing multiples conferences on various topics regarding traditional and Digital Marketing.

On that morning the conference was about how to grow an Instagram audience for 2020. The speaker was Alexandra Hourigan, Content Producer at Finder.

Fun facts, more than 50% of Google searches results end up as zero clicks, with social media brands can make a great opportunity to improve their visibility.

Regarding how to build your brand through online solutions, it’s important to provide qualitative content.

Let’s rush directly into the description box of the Instagram app. The bio needs to be straightforward and clear. Customers are searching for direct information and they need to know right away what is the purpose and the mains topics that will appear on your Instagram page. Putting an # on the biography can help in order to reach even more customers. The highlights are also crucial. It’s possible to insert up to 100 highlights on Instagram. They can be divided into different topics such as About us, Sales, Fun. However, the most important info that needs to be on the bio description of the Instagram page is the clickable link. On Instagram, you can provide only one so it’s important to think about the most relevant one. It’s a real call to action, it has to be strong.

Now let’s talk about the feed. Feed on Instagram is playing a real game. It has to be nice looking. That’s the second thing that customers will see when they will go on your page. Before launching the page, it’s important to think about the style of the page and the theme you want to enhance (colorful, black and white or pastel colors). It’s important to keep the same guidelines every time.

Content is key. Prioritize quality instead of quantity. Be aware of what you post: it has to be entertaining, it’s possible to do it in a fun style with the IGTV videos explaining your products. The main advice is to align the needs of your customers. The content needs to be informative, what are the main topics, what kind of products, sales, explanations. People want to see the topic more than once.

Some tools are available on the market to write compelling content. The most used one is Canva. To create some animated GIF, it exists, Giphy. It is also possible to find other ones such as: pixlreditor, lumen5, adobe lightroom, remove.BG.

The more the post will be shared, the higher it will appear on the feed. It will improve the reach and audiences.

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