Branding –

JAFPro is positioning itself as an ecological cleaning company with a wide range of different services based on Green policy.


To create the brand identity of a ''Green'' company and develop an advertisement strategy targeted on specific audience.



Adjusting the company name and logo to enhance the '''Green'' message that JAFPro is sending to the world; finding the new personalized domain name; creating the company main documents' and visit card templates supporting the main company colour and logo; developing the sales strategy for the proportion of the new company image and increasing the target audience.

The Result of Our Work

A successful, unique JAFPro Services company style has been created and launched. The brand image is bright and well adapted to company's POSs such as Green policy, ecological cleaning, personalized approach etc. The company's website is corrected accordingly with the addition of new brand colours and logo.

What Our Client Says

The site is well thought out, it is user-friendly and helps make orders quickly and easily. Important, the project was delivered within the established time-frame. The design is absolutely phenomenal! The pricing policy was very reasonable and the communication process went very well and I received valuable advice that revealed several additional improvement possibilities. The new branding is great, on a scale of 1 to 10 I give it a 10!
Julio Caceres