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Clover Lewis Swimwear Digital marketing consultancy


Company Name: Clover Lewis Swimwear
Date: March 2020

Clover Lewis is known for her special swimwear fashion line, originally designed for women who have undergone mastectomy and other breast cancer surgeries. A cancer survivor herself, Clover helps and inspires women with the same experience to regain their self-confidence.


As a real inspiration for breast cancer survivors, Clover decided to launch a new business in the area of personal style coaching and needed professional digital marketing consultancy in order to achieve her goal.

clover lewis


 We helped Clover to define her unique selling proposition and her audience, analyse critically competitors and identify her target audience, define her branding and strengths, stablish the right pricing strategy for her online services and define the messaging for social media channels.


Thanks to our professional consulting, Clover established a strong positioning and obtained valuable insights to diferentiate her brand in her niche. We provided a solid foundation for her marketing strategy by taking into consideration her competitors and the unique benefits she can deliver to her clients.


What our Clients Says

I found your ability to see solutions for marketing issues I have. You were able to help me to see the inherent value I already had in my emerging brand, and how I could use my expertise from my previous business to build credibility for my new endeavour. In a sea of other image consultants, you were able to help me differentiate my brand, by recognising my personality and previous experience helped me to stand out in the crowd. You helped me to narrow down my niche, as well as gave me feedback on how to communicate with them.

Without a doubt, I would recommend Buzz Factory! Their easy-going manner sit well along with their professionalism. Though we worked together for a few hours, it was clear that they are digital marketing masters. I gained loads of practical and actionable direction for my business. I particularly liked how they had a lot of experience working with start-ups, which filtered into the support they gave me. I would encourage you to work with them if you want to receive intense value in a short period of time. I look forward to working with them again in the near future!

Clover Lewis

CEO - Clover Lewis Swimwear

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