Case Study


PPC Audit


Company Name: CO-OPERAID
Date: August 2019

CO-OPERAID is committed to providing a better future for children and young people from low developed regions in Africa and Asia. They implement comprehensive projects focused on primary education and vocational training for these children and young people, ensuring that the right to education becomes a reality for them.


In order to find out the best strategies that would help them increase their traffic and the number of donations to support their projects, CO-OPERAID needed a professional PPC Audit services for good evaluation and insights.


Buzz Factory conducted an Audit for CO-OPERAID through which we evaluated their current website and current campaigns, we provided competitors’ intelligence, compiled reports with analysis and recommendations regarding strategy and tactics, found areas of spend waste, identified new opportunities to expand, enhanced ongoing management processes and gained audience insights.


Based on this PPC Audit we helped our client to:

  • Review their online goals
  • Review Account structure
  • Proceed with Account and Campaign Settings
  • Review Group Ads & Keywords
  • Develop keyword strategy
  • Define long-term Action Plan


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