Case Study


PPC services – Google Ads Search and Display


Company Name: CO-OPERAID
Date: December 2019

CO-OPERAID is committed to providing a better future for children and young people from low developed regions in Africa and Asia. They implement comprehensive projects focused on primary education and vocational training for these children and young people, ensuring that the right to education becomes a reality for them.


To support their projects by increasing the number of donations, CO-OPERAID needed a higher online visibility. For that they asked for our professional PPC services – Google Ads Search and Display.


Based on the PPC Audit we conducted for them before, we helped the association to create new Google Ads campaigns. We integrated keywords with strong search volume and conversion potential, enhanced copy ads and bidding strategy. We managed them for a period of 3 months. Our approach has been holistic and we also provided them with user experience enhancement.


With our PPC services we helped CO-OPERAID increase their website traffic with 60% and the number of donations with 20%.

Based on our recommendations, the organization increased the time spent on the landing pages with 30 to 49% and decreased the bounce rate by 50%.

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