Case Study

Creation of an E-Commerce


Company Name:
Date: August 2019

JAFPro is a professional cleaning and renovation company specialized in Green products. JAFPro has an online shop selling professional products with respect to nature.


Create compelling content for the attraction of the target audience, realize the website creation and restructuring in order to make the website user-friendly and increase its productivity, revise the online shop and prepare it for the launch.


Creation of a user-friendly website highlighting the main companies POS’s and modification of the website structure. Preparation of the online shop for the launch by revising the product list and implementing the main payment methods to the company website.


The website is adjusted and adapted in accordance with the recent design and functionality requirements, the updated content is created based on the professional keywords research and is designed to attract the target audience. JAFPro has a well-working online shop with a diversified product line and different payment options.


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