In Switzerland, people are generous. According to the Swissfundraising’s donation barometer, 80% of families made donations in 2016. Building a good fundraising campaign can be tough. Not few organizations believe that only by developing a beautiful website with a donation button (sometimes not even on the home page!) is enough for an effective fundraising campaign. The reality shows that things are different… the donation button is only a call-to-action, waiting for donors to come. The most important aspect of nonprofits is to attract future donors and loyalty. Building a community that shares the values and the mission of the organization is crucial. This way, donors will be loyal to the organization and keep going with monthly donations. 

It’s a fact, the digital world has grown a lot. Digitalization has a great impact on advertising. In the past, papers were the most efficient way to communicate, now it is via online platforms that people are communicating the most. 

Today, when we are talking about advertising, we should refer to digital marketing. Recently, some statistics show that advertising is more efficient than ever before. For example, according to the Blackbaud website, 7.6% of donations were made online. In 2017, 51% of Millenials donated to charities and 41% of them used social media. 

Emotions in nonprofit digital marketing

Every time a donor is giving a dollar, it means that s/he is sharing the values and interests of the organization. By receiving donations, nonprofits are creating an emotional connection with donors. Donors want to know where their money will be spent. Actually, this is one of the challenges organizations face: to be as transparent as possible. It’s not necessary to give a full description of the whole mission. Sometimes, just information about how many people were helped with the money who comes from donations can be enough.

A smart NGO needs to create positive emotions and connect with potential donors. It has to look essential for each donor to help a cause. There are many ways of creating a smart connection with donors. One way is to show emotions via the content. Showing, for example, images with people smiling or a nice video with the benefits of donations can raise empathy. The main point is to catch attention, touch and excite future donors. 

Develop a subscription baseline

Best practices show that for conducting successful fundraising campaigns, creating a subscription baseline is crucial. Those people will be the ones who have an interest in your cause and will most likely want to engage more meaningfully with your mission. Nonprofits can now use tools like paid social advertising or Google Ads and Google Grants. With those tools, they can connect with people and engage with potential donors. 

Engage with a younger audience

To be efficient in time, an organization has to attract a younger audience by catching their attention with relevant content. Millennials are very connected online and they are the ones who will potentially keep sponsoring over time. It’s a false idea to think that only donations of high amounts are the most effective. Small amounts are more efficient, they can increase trust among your donors and even persuade them to engage with monthly donations. 

New trends in digital fundraising

Digital advancements are quick, but Digital Fundraising is not. It takes time to convert a prospect donation. Sometimes it can take from 8 to 18 months! In Switzerland, in-mailing is the most effective fundraising mechanism. 90% of donations come via post or bank transfer. Trends already change. More and more people opt-in for alternative ways, such as donating via a website or by using payment apps (Twint, Paypal, Instagram, Facebook, etc.). Even if donations are wired, online channels provide great advantages. Videos, images can convert interested people into stakeholders. 

The use of social networks has brought to light a new form of communication. NGOs can collect (online) donations by connecting a donation button on their social media. We have seen that most people donate to 2-3 organizations in the same year and continue supporting them. 


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