Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing - Gain Traffic & Attention

Today brands and consumers can communicate in open transparent spaces like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. Social Media can strengthen your company's presence online and drive quality traffic to your website. Every business that wants to expand and become profitable, needs a community of supporters willing to make purchases or recommend the site to others. Our experts can help you reach your right audience in a new effective way.

Professional Tools for Your Business


Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising gathers information from social media networks and can bring remarkable success to your business, creating devoted brand lovers and driving leads and sales. This allows the marketers take advantage of preferences information to target different audiences according to their interests. Your customers are already interacting with brands through social media, and if you're not communicating with your audience directly through social platforms, you're missing out!


Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Monitoring is a constant control of what is being said online and how if affects the popularity of your brand or product. The information is extracted from different channels and is used to identify the current trends and capture powerful insights from your current and potential customers, competitors, and industry influencers. It's a very powerful source of information for companies keen to know what people really think of them and their products, both good and bad.


Setup and Custom Profile Design

To market your content and/or product efficiently on social media, it is very important to have your
own customized profile set up on the platform you want to use.
Your social media profiles will represent your company and provide information about your products and services,
attracting a variety of audiences.


Social Media Content Creation

Your content is what makes you stand out from the crowd and help you be remarkable to your audience. Our marketers know there’s more to social media content creation than nice pictures. The content we use is designed or reviewed by our social media managers. We aim to create content that is original and reflective of your brand.

Why is Social Media Marketing is our Strength?
We have local and international experience in the creation and execution of campaigns in social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube, among others, and we know what works and what does not. We create your strategy based on your short and long-term requirements. We carry out audience and competition analysis that help us to select the best strategies that we will apply to each social media. Our experts manage your campaigns and monitor carefully the execution. It does not matter if you market B2B or B2C, Buzz Factory can help you select the best strategies to win new prospects and clients. Our experts stay updated with the latest developments in the world of social networks.