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Whether you want a new Drupal website design perfectly tailored to your organization’s needs or help to improve and update your existing Drupal site, we are the right Drupal development agency for you.

Benefits of Drupal for SMEs and Nonprofits

We provide 360 degree solutions, based in Switzerland (Vevey). For over 10 years, we have been designing solutions for a wide range of industries, from e-commerce for enterprises and charities.  At Buzz Factory, we can ensure that our high-quality Drupal web design services maximize results and help you achieve your organization’s goals.

Why Drupal?

✓ One of the Most Flexible Open-Source CMS

Designed to be customised, virtually every detail of its interface and its functionality can be changed, or whole new modules written bespoke if required

✓ It is Highly Scalable

Scalability is built into the very fabric of the code. If a site needs expanding to increase functionality such as a full scale forum, multi-language option or an ecommerce shopping cart, core modules do not have to be reprogrammed to incorporate new features. 

✓ Is Proven at Enterprise Level, from Time to Time

Some of the most visited and recognisable websites in the world are built on Drupal; The Louvre, The Economist, The White House, Zynga and the UK Government. 

✓ Drupal is a Global Community

Developer knowledge of Drupal does not end with Catch, there is a vast global community of developers. Whether you are looking for a solution to a problem you have encountered, or are looking for someone to program a custom module for you, help is readily accessible. 

✓ You Incur No License Fee

Unlike proprietary content management systems we keep the source code of our solution freely available under the terms of the GNU General Public License 2 (GPL). As such is not subject to signing costly licensing agreements, enabling the sharing of knowledge and furthering the development community.

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Opting for Drupal Services Can Boost Efficiency. Here’s How!

If you’re finding it tough to understand how we can help you with Drupal services, here is what’s on offer:


Drupal Development

Since our inception, we’ve delivered many high performing websites using Drupal. We can build you a powerful and innovative digital platform, and we can support and facilitate your website’s migration to another Drupal release, whether it’s Drupal 6, 7, 8 or 9. We know what works in your industry and what doesn’t. We create eye-catching sites that showcase your products and become new sales channels.

Drupal Consultancy

Our Drupal experts possess a wealth of knowledge that we can share with you about this platform. Working collaboratively with your team, we’ll ensure that you’re getting the most out of Drupal in every way. We provide complete Drupal solutions from conception, development, customization, hosting, security to maintenance and support. No matter the size of your company or organization, we have what you need.

Drupal Maintenance

Whether you need a hand with programming, performance tuning, database queries or CMS architecture, we can help. Our Drupal maintenance packages are designed to provide you with the assistance you need, as soon as you need it. We make sure your website runs smoothly, so we take care of updates, fixes, backups, security monitoring and more.


Drupal SEO Audit Services

Search Engine Optimization holds the key to excelling many online businesses. We offer SEO audit services to our customers by providing them extensive audit reports of their existing website content. Having your website appear in the top search results on search engines can help you acquire more customers. Our team of specialized SEO auditors can propose solutions to make your online content more SEO-oriented and effective.


UI and UX Design Expertise

Our team of expert UI and UX developers ensure that your new look website is not just pleasing to the eye but equally intuitive and responsive to the users. Whether it’s sports, lifestyle, finance, or any other website, our UI/UX team ensures the best interfaces for mobile, tablet, and PC devices, making it easier for the users to buy online. We create eye-catching sites that showcase your products and become new sales channels.

Drupal Support & Hosting

We can help with regular support tasks, bug fixes, security updates, migrations, content issues, and web server management. No matter what your needs are, our service level agreements are tight and will provide you with quick, fuss-free support every time. We manage digital platforms of all sizes. We assess the needs of your business, whether they’re related to security, geographic location, scalability, or performance and recommend a suitable hosting partner through a company we trust.

Customer Support

Our team of experts comes from certified backgrounds. Since your business is essential to our existence, we never leave our customers unattended. Therefore, whether it’s about upgrading or consultancy requirements, we have got you covered. We offer you the support so you can concentrate on the essential tasks of your business.

Switch to Drupal Today with Buzz Factory

Drupal is a quickly growing tool to manage websites and online content. So, switching to Drupal seems like a reflex action for many businesses given that it has such flexible features. So, if you plan to give it a go, our Drupal experts’ team can be a good option.

If you Have any Questions about Drupal and How we Can Help with your Drupal Project

Why Choose Us?

Choosing the right partner can make a difference and save you time and money. What makes Buzz Factory different is that while most web designers focus on creating a beautiful website, we are focused on helping you generate more leads, more sales, and more business. Most website designers are artists and developers, not marketers. At Buzz Factory, marketing is in our DNA and our priority is to increase relevant search traffic, improve conversion and win clients. Our entire staff is highly experienced in Internet marketing and we always stay on top of the latest digital marketing trends

Our Clients Say

They were able to understand my expectations and answer my questions in addition to providing me advice on subjects I had not yet thought. I am very satisfied with their work and highly recommend them. I would not hesitate to work with them in the future.

Florence Rondeau

CEO, Alpes du Sud

We have not encountered any problem that your team could not solve. Thanks to your simple and precise explanations we can use the tools in the admin with simple basic knowledge, we are delighted. Thanks again to the whole team!

Marc Brunner

Sales Manager, Moons Chain Store

The design is absolutely phenomenal! The price was very reasonable, communication process was easy and I received valuable advice that helped us to improve key areas of our business. The new branding is also great. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give to Buzz Factory a 10!

Julio Caceres

CEO, Jafpro Services

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