The New Donor Journey: Retention & Optimization

Meet your donors in the new digital environment

Doing Good in the Digital Era

Compassion is ingrained in human nature. So the motivation to help. But with an increased number of charities, nonprofit organizations need to consider the latest technological trends to acquire and retain donors, while optimizing for the highest level of performance. 

On average, it takes 4 times more time and financial effort to acquire a new donor than to retain an actual donor. However, there are countless organizations that keep losing donors, the ones that are already accustomed with the charity’s activity. 

Through digital marketing tools and campaigns, you can refuel the relationship with your donors and sustain a dialogue with them on several channels

Benefits For NGOs

Constant Donations

Develop a sustainable digital solution to generate consistent revenue

Google Ranking

Encourage NGOs to strengthen their online presence to their audiences

Visitors to Website and Social Networks

Increase traffic, engagement and donations

Digital Donor Culture

Reach the right audience, adapt the right message and transmit it at the right time

Commitment of the parties

Integrate new members, partners and valuable donors into the organization

Research on the Market

Make better decisions based on the intelligence of your competitors and new market trends


donors prefer donations online


NONprofit increase investment in digital marketing


of online donors enroll in monthly giving programs


millenials prefer to donate online to NONprofits

Our Digital Services

Creating new experiences

Why not turn the first giving experience into something your donor would love to come back for? We can help you optimize your donation forms, give them multiple channels to choose the most convenient option, and offer flexibility to donate without creating an account. To add, we can help you strengthen your donor-base through enticing landing pages aligned with donor’s membership programs, stewardship events, volunteer options, and more!


You’re competing with multi-million dollar campaigns with only 5% chance of connection. With our 5-step hyper-personalization model, you can improve your chances up to 15%. That’s almost 3 times your chances with conventional techniques. By collecting the right donor’s data based on past experience, mapping out the donor’s journey, balanced data gathering, provocative messaging, and continuous testing, we can help you attain more future donors as well as retain the existing ones.

Unlimited availability

Cross-platform presence and real-time availability are the keys to maximize your donor baseline. Unlimited availability implies being accessible to help your customers, and you can do that by investing in recommended web-based tools, plugins and checkbots. We can help you  turn your website into a 24/7 data-bank for all types of donation-related information and assistance. The database will be tailored at specific needs of all kinds of donors, for trouble-free donations round the clock.

Why Digital Marketing is Important for Nonprofit Organization

Still today many nonprofits rely on traditional forms of fundraising and advertising, such as street fundraising, direct mailing, print ads, flyers, billboards, etc. This strategy may have worked 10 years ago but today digital advertising has become a must. NGOs have to take into account that donors, partners and competitors are already on the Internet. If you don’t have a strategy to promote and collect donations online most likely you are losing a great opportunity. The number of potential donors online is much higher than the one you could to attract locally. Using digital marketing, you can reach your audience in a way that is both cost-effective and measurable.

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