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Digital Fundraising with Buzz Factory

Do you know, mobile donations doubled in 2018? And the numbers suggest you should also embrace the technological changes inside out. Are you ready to embrace it? 

Buzz Factory, a trusted name in nonprofit circles, is a digital marketing agency that can take care of the needs of small to big NGOs alike. We understand exactly what you need to be a successful organization, and that’s what sets us apart from the rest. 

Whether it’s about serving the needy or influencing the donors, we know how to take your campaigns to the next level. How do we deliver the best solution? It’s a smart combination of top-notch data gathering tools and our information-leveraging expertise that results in a Win-Win solution. 

By letting us align your offline and online fundraising efforts, you can create target-meeting fundraising campaigns. Our multichannel solutions can help you reach out to, acquire and retain your donors. 

So, what’s keeping you from devising a foolproof online marketing strategy? Be it a website lead generation, social media campaign or marketing automation, Buzz Factory can boost your online presence and meet your fundraising objectives like none other. 

Buzz Factory relies on real data to automate processes that will boost your online visibility, drive engagement and increase revenues. We know that what matters the most is your cause, so increasing your community and supporters will fuel your growth and outreach.


donors prefer donations online


NONprofit increase investment in digital marketing


of online donors enroll in monthly giving programs


millenials prefer to donate online to NONprofits

The Smart DAP Triangle – Making Sure No One Stays Out of It



Data backs planning for fundraising campaigns. Nowadays, each and every organization must consider data before engaging in any online campaign. Only with a rich and complete mapping of all your channels and interactions can you achieve the set goals. Knowing your donors, how they interact and what they expect from your organization is key.


Taking advantage of all collected data and personalizing the messaging can be a time-taking task. If you want to sustain your focus on the activities promoted by your cause, you need to count on synchronization and automation. Marketing automation can help you refuel the relationship with your past and future donors.


New user behaviours require new skills. Marketing and communication have completely transformed in the last years. Only by having people with the right skills can you cope with present challenges. Moreover, expertise in digital communication is important to stay top of your donors’ minds and gain influence.

Digital Solutions:
A PENTAGON APPROACH to Target Your Donors

Social Media Campaigns

Each non-profit organization that wants to expand and become sustainable needs a community of supporters willing to donate and recommend them. What you need is a strong social media presence on multiple channels, related forums, and groups meant for NGOs. With our experience and support, you’ll find yourself shining brightly across various online platforms so that the donors come to you in numbers. 

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation simplifies the most difficult of tasks and performs them instantly. You can rely on our knowledge and expertise to implement effective marketing automation, thereby, optimize and automate your day-to-day tasks and measure their performance in real-time. That means you’ll have more opportunities to get qualified leads instantly.

SEO for Nonprofits

97% of consumers go online to learn more about charities. Have you made sure your website appears on the first page of search results for queries related to your products or services? Our SEO experts, keyword researchers and link builders can help you be visible on the first pages across leading search engines. That’s the most powerful and direct way to generate organic traffic. 


Google Ads & Google Ads Grant

We create high conversion campaigns. With each click on your ads, you’ll get a new opportunity to make a new connection. Our PPC campaigns have proven track-records in helping small-to-big NGOs strategize and maximize their revenues.

Email Marketing

Email marketing may be a traditional ploy, but it’s always more effective than any other technique to connect directly with your supporters. It’s a way more efficient, straightforward, and personal than modern-day tactics to help you promote your cause to potential donors. 


Descriptive analytics

Use characteristics of your donors to interpret behaviour and categorize them

Predictive analytics

Examine historical data to predict your donors’ future behaviour

Prescriptive analytics

By using predictive data, foresee what is to come

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