A Unique Report Benchmarking
Swiss Non-profits

2021 Top 100: Most Influential Non-profits on the Internet

What makes these Swiss nonprofits so successful on the Internet? How are they running the show? What’s in them that others NGO are lacking? Well, there may be plenty of similar questions in your mind that haven’t been answered so convincingly until this ground-breaking report by Buzz Factory.

Our team collected and analyzed data from over 500 local and international organizations based in Switzerland to provide a holistic view of the current digital landscape
of the nonprofit industry. Comparing digital performance metrics, we explore factors that propel organizations to the top of the ranking.

The report looks at key digital performance metrics to rank organizations in terms of their online presence. The final result, which we coined the “Buzz Factor”, is calculated using scores from the three most important indicators of an NGO’s online reach – Domain Authority (DA), Social Media Engagement, and E-reputation.

If you have read our previous report, you will see that the main difference this year is the consideration of the recent pandemic and its effects on nonprofits. COVID-19 not only put a halt to in-person events—critically impacting NGOs’ ability to fundraise—but it also propelled digital transformation initiatives faster than anyone could have predicted.

The pandemic pushed the already competitive digital landscape in Switzerland to the tipping point— challenging all nonprofit organizations to use the internet as their foremost communication channel to remain relevant, influential, and operational.

Organizations that have taken advantage of this digital evolution have been able to thrive, even amidst the current landscape. While many nonprofit organizations are still relying on traditional marketing methods to reach donors, the leaders have already created impressive online presences. We have seen key changes in the donor journey that involve more digital touchpoints than ever, and the gap between leaders and followers is widening, as some organizations are slower to respond to these shifts.


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If you run a nonprofit organization, or work there as a marketing or communications executive, we’re sure you won’t want to miss it. Why? To answer that, this report is unique and data-driven.

We have found key and valuable information on how leading organizations in Switzerland campaign successfully. You’ll find information on channels, trends, priorities and much more that is critical for any organization that wants to learn and improve its online strategy.

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