The First Report Benchmarking
Swiss Non-profits

2020 Top 100: Most Influential Non-profits on the Internet

What makes these Swiss nonprofits so successful on the Internet? How are they running the show? What’s in them that others NGO are lacking? Well, there may be plenty of similar questions in your mind that haven’t been answered so convincingly until this ground-breaking report by Buzz Factory.

Our main purpose by creating this document is to help the entire nonprofit sector better understand trends, best practices and challenges. We analyzed leading organizations such as The World Economic Forum, The International Olympic Committee, IUCN, UN agencies based in Switzerland, ZEWO-certified organisations, Sport federations (FIFA, FIBA, etc.) and more. We hope that this report will show the exact position where everyone stands today. We also aim to provide clear guidelines on how to succeed in online marketing.

If you run a nonprofit organisation, or work there as a marketing or communication executive, we are sure you don’t want to miss it. Why? To answer that, Buzz Factory has analysed more than 450 local and international organisations. We found key insights and valuable information about best practices, tools, priorities and more that we’ve enclosed in our report titled “Top 100: Swiss Most Influential Nonprofit Organisations on the Internet”

Why get the report?

If you run a nonprofit organization, or work there as a marketing or communications executive, we’re sure you won’t want to miss it. Why? To answer that, this report is unique and data-driven.

We have found key and valuable information on how leading organizations in Switzerland campaign successfully. You’ll find information on channels, trends, priorities and much more that is critical for any organization that wants to learn and improve its online strategy.

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