Top 100 Swiss Nonprofits Online 2020


The first in-depth analytical report on Switzerland’s Top 100 Nonprofit Organizations 2020, which evaluates their marketing strategies based in data and public information.

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What makes these Swiss nonprofits so successful on the Internet? How are they running the show? What’s in them that others NGO are lacking? Well, there may be plenty of similar questions in your mind that haven’t been answered so convincingly until this ground-breaking report by Buzz Factory.

This report has been downloaded more than 2000 times by nonprofits and companies.

Our main purpose by creating this document is to help the entire nonprofit sector better understand trends, best practices and challenges. We analyzed leading organizations such as The World Economic Forum, The International Olympic Committee, IUCN, UN agencies based in Switzerland, ZEWO-certified organisations, Sport federations (FIFA, FIBA, etc.) and more. We hope that this report will show the exact position where everyone stands today. We also aim to provide clear guidelines on how to succeed in online marketing.

If you run a nonprofit organization, or work there as a marketing or communication executive, we are sure you don’t want to miss it. Why? To answer that, Buzz Factory has analysed more than 450 local and international organizations. We found key insights and valuable information about best practices, tools, priorities and more that we’ve enclosed in our report titled “Top 100: Swiss Most Influential Nonprofit Organizations on the Internet”.

This groundbreaking report is the first data-driven report from Switzerland that examines nonprofits using current digital marketing analytics.

Here what we have included in the report:

  • For this report, we analyzed over 450 leading organizations in Switzerland and collected their online performance data from January to March 2020.
  • We analyzed data from 3 months (January-March 2020).
  • We have analyzed several digital media channels to compile the data to understand the trajectory of the leading NGOs in the country.
  • Furthermore, we used our Buzz Factory global metric to analyze and measure overall performance.

Data is an integral part of everything that we do here at Buzz Factory. We’ve looked at data from leading organizations in Switzerland, such as the World Economic Forum, the International Olympic Committee, IUCN, UN agencies based in Switzerland, ZEWO-certified organizations, sports federations (FIFA, FIBA, etc.) and others.

Downloadable document in PDF format. The report was written in English and has 35 pages.

Table of Contents

  • TOP 100 Organisations p05 
    • Introduction p05 
  • Methodology p07 
    • Computation of the list p10 
    • Metrics explained p11 
  • Digital Impact for Good: Why is it Important? p12 
    • Mastering the digital ecosystem p14 
    • Social networks: vital for digital presence p14 
    • Capturing the right audience p14 
  • Top 100 Organisations p16 
  • Key takeaways from the leaders p21 
    • Focus on a strong online strategy p24 
    • Delivering superior user experience p26 
    • Sheer commitment to excel on social media p28 
    • Building a strong digital reputation p30 
  • Embrace the power of digital marketing p32 
  • to maximize the impact Buzz Factory for your organisation p32

The report has already been making waves in the nonprofit circuits, highlighting some of the unexpected organizations that have made it to the list, and revealing which big names failed to make a real impression. With that being said, researchers and analysts of the report deserve merit for creating such a valuable ongoing resource for charitable causes.


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