Top 100 Swiss Nonprofits Online 2021


Covid has changed everything. This groundbreaking report is the only data-driven report from Switzerland that examines nonprofits using current digital marketing analytics.

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Top 100 Swiss Non-profits Most influentials on the Internet 2021. If there's one thing we've learned from 2020 and 2021, it's how important digital communication is for all types of organizations, including nonprofits. The way nonprofits approach potential donors and stakeholders has been completely transformed.

This groundbreaking report is the only data-driven report from Switzerland that examines nonprofits using current digital marketing analytics.

Here what we have included this year:

  • Last year's edition of the Top 100 report was downloaded over 2,000 times, and we expect this year's report to be even more successful, as it includes more valuable data and analysis, such as more analysis on the leaders in Domain Authority, Social Media Standing and E-Reputation, the Top 20 Raisers among others.
  • For this report, we analyzed over 500 leading organizations in Switzerland and collected their online performance data from January to April 2021.
  • Last year's report analyzed data from 3 months (January-March 2020), but this year we extended the analysis period to 4 months to get an even more detailed view of each organization's online presence.
  • We have analyzed several digital media channels to compile the data, and compared it to historical data to understand the trajectory of these NGOs over time.

Downloadable document in PDF format. The report was written in English and has 61 pages. 

Table of contents

  • About Buzz Factory p3
  • Introduction p5
  • Target Audience p8
    • Nonprofits p9
    • Companies p9
  • Methodology p11
    • Computation Method p14
    • Buzz Factor Metrics Explained p15
  • Digital Transformation and Resilience p17
    • COVID-19’s Impact on Nonprofit Organizations p19
    • Acceleration of Digital Transformation p20
    • The New Donor Journey p21
  • Highlights From the Report p24
    • Key Figures 25 
    • Year-on-Year (YOY) Comparison p27
    • Do You Want to Be In the Top 100? p27
  • Takeaways From the Leaders p34
  • Domain Authority Analysis p38
    • Changes in Search Behavior p40
    • Engaging Audiences in the Post-COVID World p40
  • Social Media Analysis p42
    • Social Media: the New Priority for Nonprofits p44
    • Community Growth: 10.70% average followers growth in the Top 10 p45
    • Engagement Increase: 71.77% average engagement growth in the Top 10 p45
  • E-Reputation Analysis p47
    • Google My Business Reviews p49
  • Top 20 Risers p50
  • Maximizing Impact p55
    • 1: Measure your strategy p57
    • 2: Invest in knowledge p57
    • 3: Make appropriate decisions p57
  • Boost your online presence with Buzz Factory p58

Data is an integral part of everything that we do here at Buzz Factory. We’ve looked at data from leading organizations in Switzerland, such as the World Economic Forum, the International Olympic Committee, IUCN, UN agencies based in Switzerland, ZEWO-certified organizations, sports federations (FIFA, FIBA, etc.) and others. We share the results of our analysis of these organizations' metrics and show you how these metrics were affected by the challenges of the pandemic.

If you run a non-profit organization, or work there as a marketing or communications executive, we're sure you won't want to miss this event and get the report. If you work for companies in the area of alliances and partnerships or corporate responsibility, this report will give you the information on who your ideal partners may be.


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