BUZZ FACTORY, Vevey, Switzerland, 29 June 2020 – Buzz Factory has launched the first in-depth analytical report on Switzerland’s Top 100 Nonprofit Organisations, which evaluates their marketing strategies. The final result, termed as the “Buzz Factor” by the Swiss marketing firm, accounts for the three most significant aspects of a modern-day organisation – Domain Authority (DA); Social Media Engagement; and E-reputation.

Based on digital metrics, this report uncovers the ‘True and Fair’ positioning of 450 local and international organisations headquartered in Switzerland. It contains the latest methods and techniques based on data gathered from 2020’s first quarter. The document reveals the current standings of nonprofit bodies, while turning out Benchmarks for new, emerging as well as struggling charities all around the world.

Containing verifiable facts and statistics of the leading nonprofit organisations, this ground-breaking report is a much-needed breakthrough in Swiss non-profit industry that could improve their course for good.

Using an unbiased methodology and transparent process more than 450 nonprofit profiles have been evaluated on their performance across leading social networks including Facebook and Instagram.

Nearing 300 organisations were shortlisted and further screened before making their way to the top 100 list.

Factors accounted for, such as website authority, social media engagement metrics, and user experience, tend to change with time, are unbiased, and favour none except those who display ongoing quality and commitment.

The research contains easy-to-compare facts and figures giving charity and NGO marketing heads the opportunity to calibrate their strategies with those of the leaders of this report. This builds a strong connection with their existing community and donors, whilst aligning themselves as industry-leaders to broader online audiences.

By comparing themselves with those in the list, nonprofits can take corrective measures to get noticed and be included in an ongoing, self-improving ‘competition’ of top-notch charities and NGOs.

In addition, the creators of the report are committed to annual updates, publishing the latest Top 100 List of Swiss Nonprofits every year, giving everyone a fair chance for inclusion. This analysis, due to ever-changing trends, affords an open competition for every Swiss nonprofit, as it only considers authentic and verifiable sources.

The report has already been making waves in the nonprofit circuits, highlighting some of the unexpected organisations that have made it to the list, and revealing which big names failed to make a real impression. With that being said, researchers and analysts of the report deserve merit for creating such a valuable ongoing resource for charitable causes.

About Buzz Factory:

 Buzz Factory is a leading global digital marketing consulting agency based in Switzerland. We help the world’s most ambitious charities redefine the future. Since establishing in 2013, our agency has become well regarded in our industry due to a principled, transparent approach to search engine marketing. We work together with our clients as a team with the shared ambition to achieve extraordinary results, overcome competition and reshape the nonprofit industry. We complement our personalized and integrated experience with a vibrant ecosystem of digital innovators to deliver better, faster and more lasting results. Since October 2013, Buzz Factory has worked with over 200 companies and international nonprofit organisations to increase sales, donations and improve their marketing methods.


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