BUZZ FACTORY, Vevey, Switzerland, 16 August 2021 – Buzz Factory has launched a groundbreaking report on Switzerland’s Top 100 Nonprofit Organizations that shows how NGOs’ marketing strategies have evolved in response to the pandemic. Last year’s report was the first of its kind to use a data-based approach for determining the digital readiness of Swiss NGOs, and this year’s report provides even more data-backed insights into online trends affecting the nonprofit sector.

The report looks at key digital performance metrics to rank organizations in terms of their online presence. The final result, which the Swiss marketing firm has coined the “Buzz Factor”, is calculated using scores from the three most important indicators of an NGO’s online reach – Domain Authority (DA), Social Media Engagement, and E-reputation.

Based on these metrics, the report uncovers the ‘True and Fair’ positioning of more than 500 local and international nonprofits who have headquarters in Switzerland. It looks at data from Q1 2021 across multiple online platforms to reveal the current standing of these organizations, establish benchmarks for new and established charities, and draw insights from the leaders which other nonprofits can apply to succeed with their own digital strategies.

Last year’s edition of the Top 100 report was downloaded more than 2,000 times. This year’s report includes more valuable data and analysis, such as the analysis sections on the top 10 leaders in Domain Authority, Social Media Position and E-Reputation, the Top 20 Risers list and analysis, among others. This in-depth report is therefore a much-needed window into the Swiss nonprofit industry that organizations can leverage to improve their impact and reach online. 

Because the report looks at data from Q1 2020 and Q1 2021 side-by-side, it is also the first comprehensive view of the real, measurable impact which COVID-19 has had on the nonprofit sector. The results show that major shifts have taken place in the areas of donor engagement, fundraising, and digital marketing, and it also discusses how organizations can adapt to these changes successfully.

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The factors which were used to determine the ranking – website authority, social media engagement metrics, and E-reputation – are ideal for showing changes and trends over time. They are unbiased data points, and only organizations who display ongoing quality and commitment with their digital marketing strategies will perform well across all areas. 

The research contains easy-to-compare facts and figures, giving charity managers and NGO marketing heads the opportunity to see where the leaders are excelling, and discover areas where they can improve their own strategy. This will help them build a strong connection with their existing community and donors and reach broader audiences by establishing themselves as industry leaders in the digital space.

The report is intended to be a resource for nonprofits and private partners to use to inform their strategies in the post-pandemic world for 2021 and beyond. Its creators have committed to updating the list of Top 100 Swiss Nonprofits with new data and insights every year, so organisations can easily track trends in the industry and measure their own performance against the digital leaders. 

Last year’s report already made waves in the nonprofit sector, by highlighting the key drivers of success for NGOs in the digital sphere and offering unprecedented insight into the current digital landscape for Swiss nonprofits. This year’s edition continues Buzz Factory’s ongoing research to give charitable organizations a valuable resource of digital best practices and benchmarks.

About Buzz Factory:

Buzz Factory is a leading digital marketing consulting agency based in Switzerland. The agency works with the world’s most ambitious charities with the goal of amplifying their impact and redefining the future. A one-stop digital solutions provider, the agency assists non-profit organizations in their fundraising and online marketing activities. Its strategy is results-driven and designed specifically for success in the nonprofit sector. Since October 2013, Buzz Factory has worked with more than 200 local and international nonprofits and businesses to increase sales, donations and improve their marketing methods.


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