Domain Authority, Why Does It Matter?

Domain Authority, Why Does It Matter?

Have you ever wanted to be on the podium when contesting in a competition? Similarly to real life, in the digital world, there is also competition, especially among websites. A website is the core of any business: everyone is visiting you there and decides to bet on you or not. 

But how do we know if a website is a winner? 

Domain Authority predicts how a website will rank and perform on search engines for various keywords. 

To begin with, Domain Authority (DA) is like a grade that each and every website gets. It is mostly based on the quality of the content of the website, but also numbers and quality of visits, the relevancy of the content, user experience, among other aspects. The first time we heard about Domain Authority was via MOZ enterprise. They created this scale to assess the quality and relevancy of the website against Google’s metrics. They created a tool to make an evaluation on every website and how they are running through search engines. Domain authority is like a scale and every website has a grade from 1 to 100, where 100 is the best quality score. Every new website will start with the lowest grade. The higher the score is, the more the website earns a great ability to rank. This score has to do with the number and the quality for every visitor backlink that is linked to your domain. It is a fault to think that when developing a website, you have to score 100. For example, only Facebook (DA 100), Amazon (DA 96) and Wikipedia (DA 86) have very high scores. 

The best practice is to align with the score of the competitor’s website. To improve the ranking of a website, you need to provide better content quality that you are putting on your website. The DA is also related to the number of backlinks that you have on your website. Backlinks are the links that are connected to other websites and linked to yours. So the best solutions are to keep fetching those high-quality backlinks. 

It is able also to measure the SEO and the traffic that your website is making. When you are measuring the Domain Authority you can also measure the page authority. Page Authority will measure the quality of backlinks present on a specific page. But domain authority is not linked with Google and can’t change the measures on SERPs. An extension in Chrome called MozBar can measure the DA. 

Now, the real question is, how can we improve the Domain Authority of a website?

1. Hosting availability
The first is maybe not a big thing but the remaining days from the expiration date of your server can affect your DA. Maybe it’s better to make it last for the next 4-5 years, it will cost a dollar most but the ranking will be improved.

2. Build backlinks
Another aspect is having strong backlinks which are on the specific website that is measuring the domain authority. It is important to add some links on the website to improve the quality of it. By linking a website with other ones that have a high-quality DA it will improve the score. Backlinks are the places where the website is mentioned when a link is mentioned and redirected on the website it can improve the domain authority.

3. Content relevancy
The content is also important to augment the Domain Authority. By creating relevant content on the website, the domain authority will rank in a higher place. But in the end, like SEO, Domain Authority is a long term playing game. To rank in the quality score it’s important to keep a website uploaded and refreshed with new content and SEO strategy.

SEO, How Much For It?

SEO, How Much For It?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is used to improve website ranking on search engines such as Google or Bing. The better the SEO, the better the business will rank on pages. Having a compelling SEO strategy is crucial for a business to improve its leads and sales. SEO is like a map. If the company is visible on the internet, the traffic will be improved on their website. And traffic can help every business to generate leads and sales. With SEO, your brand awareness will be grown. The question is: OK, having an SEO strategy is important, but how much does SEO cost? What are the latest trends for SEO pricing? 

The price for SEO can vary from a business to another. Some steps exist to lead to a good SEO strategy without paying a fortune. The main aspect that will make the SEO price vary are related to the objectives fixed by the company. What does the company want to achieve through SEO? This is one of the main questions that the company should ask first. SEO is not a temporary effort. It should be sustained over time. If businesses want to achieve challenging goals in a short span, it will, of course, cost more. 

To be objective, if companies find a consultant that will do the job for 50 CHF per hour, they will not have relevant results. The normal price for an SEO campaign is not compared to hours of work, but more into a package that will cost around 1500 to 4000 CHF per project, depending on the size of the website and effort. Also, the final price does not translate into better SEO services. Look for specialists with experience and up-to-date with the latest trends. The best to estimate the price for the SEO is to come up with a plan, assessment of the strategy and the objectives that the company wants to prioritize. The price generally includes planning, strategy development, management of the project, monthly implementation and performance tracking.

Location can also influence the pricing for SEO. Depending on where the Digital Marketing Agency is located, the company will pay more or less for SEO services. However, the main influencers for SEO pricing are the business objectives and the timeframe fixed for the strategy. To see if the service worth the price, there is a little tool. Small and Medium Enterprises can look for free quotations that will tell how many hours the agency has to engage to put an efficient SEO strategy in place. 

After having implemented an SEO strategy, the company needs to improve it over time. To be on top of the ranking, SMEs need to update the content of their website regularly. This is one way to keep yourself fresh on search engines. The best for companies is to buy ‘SEO packages’ from digital agencies. Buzz Factory recommends considering packages of at least 10 hours/month for a period of at least 6 months. You can also engage with smaller packages, but the results will take much longer to be seen. 

Certainly, SEO is not cheap. But to increase the revenues of a company it is important to invest in digital tools. Nowadays everything is going into digital and it is increasingly difficult to have a successful lead generation without investing in digital. It is equally important to be aware that without investing in it will be difficult to have satisfying results.

At Buzz Factory Agency we have many SEO packages available and according to the company’s objectives, we can make customized SEO packages and align with your budget and needs. With a compelling SEO strategy, the company will improve its leads and sales. It is an efficient way to generate more traffic to a website and reach a relevant audience. By enhancing the SEO, a business will rank higher on the search engines and it will be easier for customers to find your products or services. 

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